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ergonomics according to DIN 68877

The products will be delivered in a carton as follows:

  • backrest, already mounted with a stem
  • seat, already mounted with a mechanism
  • height-adjustment-systems
  • base, already mounted with gliders or castors

All backrests are ergonomically shaped and movable. They can be adjusted in height and angle or depth – depending on the model. Furthermore they are available with “permanent-contact-function”  (surcharge). The seat can be adjusted in the angle or is fixed – depending on the model. The height adjustment is done by gasspring  (automatical) or key-slot-system (mechanical). For models used in a high work place we offer the following accessories:

  • foot-rest FS
  • foot-ring FR
  • foot-rest AH

They are retrofit and not swiveling.  Stable, robust bases made of aluminium, steel or plastic  are available with glides or castors- depending on the model. At  higher workplaces it is not allowed to use castors for safety reasons.

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