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Did you know that 76% professional musicians lose valuable time away from their work due to work-related injuries and that 33% of those have ended their professional careers because of such injuries?
Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS is aware of this problem and found solutions to support and protect your back in the best possible way.


The human body is not designed for sitting. In our body there is nothing that enables us to do so.
However, when we think we need to do it, we shall change the sitting position as often as possible. This is positive for our muscles. Static sitting causes muscle hardenings in different areas of our body. “Moving while sitting” - means the frequent change of the sitting position permanently feeds our muscles with impetuses.  Sitting in the front, in the rear and in the middle area of a seat plus even standing for a while – all these different postures and moves are tensing and relaxing different groups of muscles.  Muscles in balance  - that’s what therapists and doctors recommend.
“Moving while sitting” contributes to it.

Individual ergonomics

Each sitting  furniture which is meant for a longer use should have individually adjustable functions in order to find corresponding solutions for different sizes and proportions. Experts call this “individual ergonomics”. The seat and back area as well as possible armrests shall be adjustable for each user.

Advantages of sitting on a saddle seat – body in balance

Asked about their well-being while sitting most people feel it more comfortable as soon as the angle between spinal column and thigh is bigger than 120 °. This posture corresponds to sitting on upholstered furniture, arm-chair or the rear area of a work chair. With such a body opening angle the respiration as well as the work of other inner organs is easier and users feel more comfortable. Furthermore, many groups of muscles can relax in this posture. It is however not possible to work normally at a table or desk in this sitting position except the tables or desk are adapted correspondingly.

The big advantage of saddle seats is that they allow an angle up to 135% between back and thigh and even so can be used with normal tables and desks!

By the special saddle shape the body can have permanently different sitting positions and has to find its balance all the time. For many generations people moved while sitting on a horse. The entry of those saddles into the world of work chairs cannot be stopped anymore.

I wish you a healthy back!

Christian Brunner Chairman of the syndicate of back-therapy trainers

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