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Company history

In 1965 Joachim Mey founded the company „Joachim Mey welding shop” The company had 2 workers, Joachim Mey as managing director and his wife Helga.  If necessary both sons and even other family members helped. The corporate purpose of the company was welding as a service. From 1965 until 1985 the main customers were a manufacturer of dental-medical furniture in a suburb of Coburg and a company called ARDI in Nuremberg.

For the first, all steel constructions for the dentist couches and chairs were welded by J. Mey and he also integrated his own ideas which he also used later in his own chair production. For the latter, he welded protection steel frames needed for agrarian loading wagons. The “Joachim Mey welding shop” was well knows because of its extra-ordinary good quality of the welding works. Especially his wife’s talent for welding was famous and second to none! In 1985 the company “Joachim Mey KG, modern chair and table systems” was founded with Joachim Mey as general partner and his sons Dieter and Bernhard as limited partners. Before that, Bernhard was toolmaker and Dieter was management assistant in different companies such as furniture  and bycicle manufacturers where he got good contacts and relations to Asia.
These contacts and the experience with Asia influenced the  business areas of the Joachim Mey KG from its beginning.

In order to build up sales they invested in different business areas and ideas which were:
•    development and production of special parts for GDR cars until 1989
•    tool design and construction for companies like Brose, Rehau until 1990
•    mechanisms for table height- and length-adjustments until 1995 with production in
     Croatia and Hungary

Important landmarks in this area:
1989: main supplier of work-chairs for Kaiser & Kraft, Stuttgart – the biggest provider of factory equipment throughout Europe
1989: foundation of a  Joint Venture called “Euro-Furniture” in Guangzhou/China for the production of swivel-chair-components for Export business and complete chairs for the Chinese market
1995: foundation of a second Joint Venture in Foshan/China for the production of high-quality chair components for the export business only.
2000: honor as one of the 20 most important suppliers – so-called key-suppliers of Kaiser & Kraft Stuttgart
In the year 2000 - in view of the succession plan -  the Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS GmbH as it exists today was founded with Dieter Mey as proprietor and managing director, his wife, Regina Mey, got power of procuration.

The company Joachim Mey KG still exists as holding company – however with different partners.
Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS GmbH was overtaking the daily business in 2000 which mainly consists of 2 business areas:
•    development and production of work-chairs and chairs for musicians which are sold  throughout Europe by our wholesalers and retailers,-
•    development and production of components for swivel chairs which are sold throughout
      Europe and also directly to the USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa by our trading company in Hongkong or our subsidiary Mey China

These components are all developed and constructed in Sesslach-Merlach, Germany and are produced for more than 20 years in the P.R. China.
Important landmarks from 2000 on:

2000: participation in “INCOS International Components Supply Co. Ltd.”, an international trading company in Hongkong
2007: foundation of “Mey Hong Kong Limited” as holding and investor for company participations
2007: foundation of “Mey Chair China Liuzhou Ltd.” for the production of work chairs for the Chinese market and as representative of Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS GmbH in China, managed by Ms. Wu JingJing
2009: development of chairs for musicians and entry in this market
2010: foundation of a representative office in Dalian (China) as sales office for the Chinese Market, managed by Ms. Fang Fang
2010: the children of Dieter and Regina Mey, Susanne, Benedikt and Tobias Mey, got power of procuration and became members of the     management body
2011: foundation of “Mey America” in Cookeville, TN, USA
2012: foundation of “Mey CHAIR SYSTEMS d.o.o.” in Varazdin, Croatia